Our Service Continues with our After Care Program

Being able to serve a family during their most difficult time is truly an honour for us, and we understand the importance of continuing our support after the funeral.

In the days following the funeral service, there will be many decisions to make and issues to deal with. We know it will be difficult. It is because of this that A.H. Brown Funeral Service developed a program called After Care to specifically assist you through these times and provide some comfort in knowing you are not alone while dealing with everything. We realize the daunting task of taking care of estate matters is the furthest from your mind, however these are items that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Leonard Allen, our After Care Counselor, will meet with you to provide you with Proof of Death Certificates, the funeral portfolio and give you guidance concerning the following issues:

Canada Pension Applications for the Death Benefit and the Survivors Benefit: A marriage certificate will be required to apply for the survivors benefit. We will certify a copy for you so it won't be necessary to send in the originals. In some circumstances a birth certificate will be required if the deceased or the survivor is not receiving Canada Pension Plan Benefits.

Leonard Allen
After Care and
Pre-Need Counselor

Life Insurance: If the deceased has a life insurance policy we will assist you if necessary to do the appropriate documents to apply for the benefit.

Card Cancellations: Health Cards, Drivers Licenses, Social Insurance Number Cards and others must all be dealt with properly for your own safety and to prevent Identity Theft.

There are several other items on our check list such as house transfers, vehicle transfers, insurances and we will assist where we are able.

Families we have served in the past have found this appointment to be invaluable and we are pleased that we can offer this assistance and guidance to you at no cost.

During this difficult time, it is important to take care of yourself. Try to get some rest, physical exercise and eat properly. Remember that family and friends are available to help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help.